Applications are now open!

Please note: Only those applicants selected will be contacted with an offer.

Please select the appropriate application form

Note that proper category is based on your student status as of the start of the term you are applying for.

  • A graduate TA (GTA I, GTA II or STA) must be a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, i.e., must be registered in a graduate program at UBC (typically a Master or Doctorate program).
  • An undergraduate TA (UTA I) must be an undergraduate student who is registered in a Bachelor degree program at the University of British Columbia.

If you are unsure as to your eligibility for a position, or which classification to use, please contact

Unclassified students (Non-Degree Studies) who already hold a degree are also invited to apply. Note that the appropriate application process in this case may not be clearly determined, so please contact us at the email above before starting your application, to determine your eligibility for UTA vs GTA positions.

Winter - Term 1

The deadline for timely applications is June 16th, 2023. We accept applications after that point and are often able to appoint some late applicants, but priority goes to on-time applications.