Musculotendon Simulation for Hand Animation

ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2008)

Shinjiro Sueda    Andrew Kaufman    Dinesh K. Pai

Sensorimotor Systems Laboratory, University of British Columbia

Pipeline: The user specifies the model and its corresponding animation. Our system computes the required activations, and simulates the muscles, tendons, and bones. The skin is then attached to the skeleton, and the subcutaneous deformation from tendon motion is added as a post-process.

Abstract We describe an automatic technique for generating the motion of tendons and muscles under the skin of a traditionally animated character. This is achieved by integrating the traditional animation pipeline with a novel biomechanical simulator capable of dynamic simulation with complex routing constraints on muscles and tendons. We also describe an algorithm for computing the activation levels of muscles required to track the input animation. We demonstrate the results with several animations of the human hand.
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