Vista is a software environment for computer vision research. It is designed to support not only images, but also edge sets, camera models, and more complex data structures. Vista includes libraries of common computer vision and image processing algorithms. It is written in ANSI C, for UNIX platforms running X Windows, and it is freely available.

Vista is no longer under active development or revision by Art Pope, as he has moved on to a demanding full-time job. However, the source code is available on a Source Forge link mentioned below.

About Vista

For basic information about Vista, see: Also available on-line:

What's New

14 Sept 2000
Gert Wollny has moved Vista to use Gnu configure instead of imake. That makes it much easire to install under Linux. You can get this new version of Vista from SourceForge.

Vista Mailing List

The Vista mailing list was being subject to spam and has been discontinued.