Vista Facilities

Filter Programs for Manipulating Images

Vista includes UNIX filter programs for scaling, cropping and rotating images, adjusting image brightness and contrast, converting images from one pixel representation to another, performing an arithmetic or logical operation on each pixel of an image, convolving images, computing pixel statistics, estimating the gradient of an image, computing the Fourier transform of an image, and computing the magnitude and phase of a complex image.

Interactive Programs for Manipulating Images

Vista includes a collection of interactive programs for manipulating images under X Windows. There are menu-driven programs for displaying images and edge vectors, cropping images, and adjusting image brightness and contrast. (Some of these programs require the OSF/Motif widget library.)

Image Conversion

Vista includes programs for converting Vista images to and from ``Portable Graymap'' (PGM) format, for rendering images and edge vectors using PostScript, and for arranging multiple PostScript figures on a single page.

Standard Vision Algorithms

Vista includes implementations of Canny's edge detector, algorithms for approximating edges by straight lines, Lucas' and Kanade's optical flow estimation procedure, and Tsai's camera calibration procedure.

C Libraries

Vista includes libraries of routines for performing each of the operations listed above, from scaling images to calibrating camera models. There are also routines for reading and writing Vista data files, reporting errors, parsing command line options, and generating PostScript documents.

Image Display Widget

Vista includes a widget for displaying images under X Windows. The widget has built-in support for color allocation and dithering to accommodate various displays having from 1 to 24 planes. It provides user controls for panning and zooming the displayed image. The widget is compatible with other widget sets based on the X Toolkit, including the MIT Athena and OSF/Motif sets.

User Interface Toolkit

Vista includes a package that simplifies the task of creating an application that runs under X Windows for displaying an image and lines while accepting user input through menus and dialog boxes. The package shields the programmer from having to understand a widget set, the X Toolkit, and the Xlib library. The package itself uses the OSF/Motif widget set, but it is designed for easy porting to other widget sets.
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