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Research Projects

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Following are links to some of the current research projects in LCI. Some projects have separate project pages, while others are described in the web pages of individual lab members.

Curious George

Curious George is a visual explorer. The name is a pun on George Vancouver, the naval explorer. George actively performs mapping (SLAM) and as he discovers visually salient objects he remembers where they are located. Curious George won the Semantic Robot Vision Challenge at the AAAI07 conference in Vancouver. Click here for more information.

Curious George

Robot Partners

Robot Partners: Collaborative Perceptual Robot Systems is a project involving several RWI robots equipped with trinocular stereo systems from Point Grey Research. The robots can navigate and plan their actions in uncertain environments and share information about their actions and the world. Click here for more information.


Statistical Multimedia Learning Group

The people involved in our group are pursuing various projects related to multimedia information retrieval, browsing tools for digital databases and object recognition via the automatic annotation of images with text. We use advances in Bayesian data analysis, information theory and stochastic approximation (with an emphasis on Markov Chain Monte Carlo) to construct and evaluate models that automatically process and synthesize related media. For example, we build models that combine images with identifying labels or music with lyrical text. Click here for more information.

Labeled lion

Other projects

Information and publications on many other LCI projects are available from the home pages of individual lab members. Following are some lab members who maintain information relevant to particular research topics:

  • Giuseppe Carenini Natural Language Processing (generating and understanding evaluative arguments), Recommender systems (new evaluation metrics), Information visualization for preferential choice.
  • Cristina Conati Intelligent computer-aided instruction, user/student modeling, Bayesian networks, adaptive interfaces, cognitive theories of learning.
  • Nando de Freitas Machine learning, Markov chain monte carlo (MCMC) methods, particle filtering, image databases.
  • Holger Hoos Preference elicitation, dynamic constraint optimisation, local search algorithms, bioinformatics, computer music.
  • Kevin Leyton-Brown Game theory, auction theory, bounded rationality, empirical study of combinatorial algorithms, electronic commerce.
  • Jim Little Computational vision, collaborative robotics, stereo and motion, visual tracking and activity recognition, assistive technology.
  • David Lowe Computer vision, object recognition, and motion tracking.
  • Alan Mackworth Constraint-based systems, hybrid systems, vision, and robotics.
  • Karon MacLean Physical user interfaces, integrated multisensory interaction, usability and psychophysics.
  • Kevin Murphy Machine learning, probabilistic graphical models, computer vision.
  • Dinesh Pai Sensorimotor computation.
  • David Poole Reasoning, diagnosis and probabilistic inference.
  • Robert Woodham Computational vision, radiometry, remote sensing and geographic information systems.