Computer Graphics and Animation Research

This is a compilation of some work that has been produced by members and affiliates of Imager.

Current Projects

High Dynamic Range Display Devices and Algorithms ( H. Seetzen, W. Heidrich, W. Stuerzlinger, G. Ward, L. Whitehead
M. Trentacoste, A. Ghosh, A. Vorozcovs)
Image-based Measurement of Shift-Variant BRDFs (H. Lensch, J. Kautz, M. Goesele, W. Heidrich, H.-P. Seidel )


Image-Based Measurement (M. Goesele, X. Granier, W. Heidrich, H.-P. Seidel)
Automated, Silhouette-Based  Registration of Textures and 3D-Models
Applications of Machine Learning to Computer Graphics and Animation (Michiel van de Panne)

 Motion Perception (Jason Harrison, Ronald A. Rensink, Michiel van de Panne)

Sketch-based modeling (Michiel van de Panne)

Sketching Character Motions ( Matthew Thorne, David Burke, Michiel van de Panne)
Cross-Parameterization & Compatible Remeshing, SIGGRAPH 2004
Alla Sheffer,V. Kraevoy)
Virtual Woodwork
Alla Sheffer,R. Raab , C.Gotsman)
Geodesic based surface remeshing, IMR 2003) (Alla Sheffer, O. Sifri , C.Gotsman )
Spherical Parameterization, SIGGRAPH 2003 (Alla Sheffer, C.Gotsman , X. Gu)

Recent Projects

Constrained parameterization with applications in texture mapping and morphing , which adds constraints to 3D mesh parameterization in the plane, is beneficial for many parameterization applications.
(Alla Sheffer)
ABF-LSCM is a fast and robust extension of the ABF parameterization method.
(Alla Sheffer, B.Levy)
Feature-Preserving Medial Axis Noise Removal removes the branches generated by noise on an object's boundary without losing the fine features that are often altered or destroyed by current pruning methods.
(Roger Tam)
Unified Method for Global Illumination is an effort to combine existing methods into a more general approach that can deal with a large range of global illumination problems.
(Xavier Granier)
Ski Stunt Simulator is is a unique application of physics-based animation and control, it's useful for teaching the principles of biomechanics and human kinetics, and it's also an entertaining game.
(Michiel van de Panne)
KnotPlot, a software package for interactively tying and untying knots, can be used both by knot theorists for routine tasks in mathematical illustration, for research into knot theoretical problems, or by knot enthusiasts who just like the appealing visual form of knots.
(Rob Scharein)
Modelling of Feathers describes a method for handling the structure, dynamics and illumination of feathers. (Lisa Streit)
Animation of Reactive Fluids addresses some of the challenges of animating the shape and shading of liquids and participating media (such as smoke) in gases.
(William Gates)
Fast Primitive Distribution for Illustration is a high-quality image-space approach to illustration that preserves continuous tone by probabilistically distributing primitives while maintaining interactive rates. (Adrian Secord)
The Knot Square is an exploration of mathematical knots and links created with Rob Scharein's KnotPlot program.
RASP The RASP Toolkit presents Gene Lee's innovation for building reusable visual simulations.

The Garden Terrace is a reconstruction of Yuan Ming Yuan (The Garden of Centred Wisdom) jointly developed by CAMEL and Xing Xing Group (Lifeng Wang).
The Computer Modelling of Fallen Snow describes Paul Fearing's system for automatically adding snow to 3D models.

Older Projects

Older projects are available here .