Writing CDs - ISO 9660 with Extensions Format

The ISO 9660 With Rockridge Extensions Format

The Rockridge extensions allow long filename sizes, improving on the 8.3 filename problem of ISO 9660. On systems that support long filenames (Unix, Mac, Windows 95), this standard will show the full filename, while on other systems only a truncated filename will show.

This is probably the format to use if your source data comes from a UNIX system, as it's quite a pain to have to rename everything.

However, there is one complication: our system does not support the direct creation of Rockridge extensions. They can be created indirectly via use of a utility program called "mkisofs". This program creates a CD-R disk image of your data in ISO 9660+Rockridge format, which can then be transferred to Ratbert and burned as a straight CD image copy.

To burn a CD in ISO 9660 format + Rockridge:

This process is also nicely documented in pages 91-94 in the Adaptec manual.

The mkisof program is currently only compiled for SGI machines. Documentation is in "/imager/project2/fearing/cdr/mkisofs-1.11.3/t". The extensions are explained as follows:

Other useful extensions include -l and -f, which includes long filenames and follows symbolic links, respectively.

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