Foyer Foyer

The Imager Gallery Foyer

This is a compilation of some of the images that have been produced by members and affiliates of the Imager Computer Graphics Laboratory.

For detailed information on optimally viewing and downloading these images, click here .

There are seven parts to the gallery:

The Main Gallery contains works from a number of different artists.

The Knot Square is an exploration of mathematical knots and links created with Rob Scharein's KnotPlot program.

The RASP Library exhibits RASP, a development tool for the creation of reusable visual simulations created by Gene Lee.

The Computer Modelling of Fallen Snow describes Paul Fearing's system for automatically adding snow to 3D models.

The Garden Terrace is a reconstruction of Yuan Ming Yuan (The Garden of Centred Wisdom) jointly developed by CAMEL (Computer Animation and Multimedia Experimental Laboratory) and Xing Xing Group (Lifeng Wang).

The Dragon Wing contains works created with the "Dragon" interactive modeller, developed by David Forsey .

The Tetrahedral Corner is a description of the theory behind Jack Snoeyink 's sculpture "Twisted Tetrahedra", now hanging in the atrium of the CICSR building at UBC.

Last updated by Bob Lewis on 16 April 1997.