Accessing the Imager Gallery

All the images collected in the Gallery appear in two forms: an iconic form and a browsing form.

The iconic form is embedded in descriptive text. The browsing form is higher resolution (a maximum of 512 pixels in either dimension). Clicking on an icon brings up a browsing image, assuming your client has a browser like "xv" available.

A word of advice for those of you using "xv": Your "~/.Xdefaults" or "~/.xresources" file should have the following line:

xv*perfect: true
This guarantees that "xv" will do the best job of displaying the browsing image. You can also select "Perfect Colors" from the "Display" menu in "xv" to do the same thing.

While most of the in the Gallery were originally produced in full 24-bit RGB, GIF is actually preferable for viewing most of them with "xv". The reason for this is that even though "xv" accepts most 24-bit formats, it displays the images with an 18-bit (6x6x6) colour map which usually looks worse than GIF's (maximum of) 256 24-bit colour map entries.

The gallery does make 24-bit images available, however. If an icon appears with a button that looks like this:


beneath it, clicking on that button will allow you to download a TIFF version of the original image (at the original resolution) to your system. (TIFF may or may not use a colour map, but is always lossless.)

WARNING: Even though they are compressed, the TIFF files can be quite large and therefore take a long time to download.

Last updated by Bob Lewis on 20 Apr 94.