Computer Science Workshops for Girls

Computer Science Workshops for Girls

Welcome to GIRLsmarts4tech

Are you curious? Do you like solving problems and puzzles? Are you interested in finding out what you can do with computers? Come and hang out with us at a GIRLsmarts4tech workshop! We have a lot of fun and exciting activities planned.

GIRLsmarts4tech is your chance to explore and learn about computer science. We have hands-on activities, cool demos, and even some extras to bring home with you at the end of the day.

Registration for our Weekend Showcase workshops can be found here!



Here are some of the things previous participants and their parents have said about the program!


  • "I liked how much new and cool stuff I learned and all the new things we got to try, I want to download the programs at home!"
  • "I learned something new that I never learned about."
  • "I liked how we got to make and explore everything, HTML was really fun because you could do what you wanted to, and everyone would help you."
  • "Everyone was nice. I liked being creative with my website, scratch and 3D printing.I met new girls and got to hangout with friends."
  • "I liked everything and I will be on my computer way more than usual now. :)"
  • "I grew an interest in programming today. I have made huge progress in my knowledge about computer science."
  • "Girl smarts program made me realize that software engineering was my dream job! 👍"
  • "The leaders explained everything in a great way and the tours were amazing! The interactive programming helped me experiment and be creative! 5 stars"


  • "Just want to thank you for a wonderful day for [our daughter]. She came home excited about what she had learned and eager to show us her new skills. It's a great program."
  • "My daughter really enjoyed the GIRLsmarts4tech workshop held at UBC recently. Thanks to the student volunteers and the Faculty for organizing this event."