Motion Doodles for Quadrupeds:

How to Draw and Animate a Cat in 15 Seconds


CPSC 533b Course Project Report


Claus Beringer

University of British Columbia

Department of Computer Science

Karl Matthias Hamel

University of British Columbia

Department of Computer Science

 April 25th, 2003 


This paper presents a technology that enables an untrained user to draw and animate a quadruped in tens of seconds. The system recognizes a quadruped drawn by a user and creates a skeleton from the sketch. Following a few simple rules the user is able to draw the movement she wants the quadruped to do. The system will parse the sketch and interpret it to let the quadruped walk, jump, trot, gallop or sit. To do all of this the system uses several techniques to understand the drawings, as well as key framing, controller based animation and inverse kinematics to animate the quadruped.


We want like to thank Dave Burke, Matthew Thorne and Michiel van de Panne for their help and their kindness to allow our project to be based on their work. This project would otherwise not have been possible in the amount of time available.


Download:    Motion Doodles for Quadrupeds.pdf



Character Sketching Recognition System:

drawing of a user

the final skeleton

Motion Sketching System: