Class DumbSetup

  extended by DumbSetup
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DumbSetup
extends java.lang.Object
implements IBeastProvider

A dumb setup routine that just creates a couple of dumb beasts and a random walker at random locations in random directions, with boring packs.

Create your OWN beast providers as setups to test your beasties and packs, and make neat animations! Square dancing, synchronized swimming, marching bands, crop circles?...

CPSC 111 instructors

Constructor Summary
DumbSetup(int width, int height)
          Create a dumb beast provider to set up a boring simulation.
Method Summary
 Beast[] getBeasts()
          Get the setup list of dumb beasts.
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Constructor Detail


public DumbSetup(int width,
                 int height)
Create a dumb beast provider to set up a boring simulation.

width - the width of the simulation window
height - the height of the simulation window
Method Detail


public Beast[] getBeasts()
Get the setup list of dumb beasts.

Specified by:
getBeasts in interface IBeastProvider
a non-null (but possibly empty!) list of non-null Beasts