Package <Unnamed>

Interface Summary
IBeastBrain A beast's brain, capable of choosing a direction to go next and a mood to assume next based on its own information (e.g., current direction, location, and mood) and information about its pack.
IBeastProvider A provider of beasts.
IPackFinder Pack finders help find information about a beast's pack.

Class Summary
AllBeastsPack A pack that just gives back all the beasts in the world.
Beast A creature that lives in our simulated world.
BeastInfo A full description of the state of a Beast.
BeastManager Manages a simulation group of beasts, handling their updating and providing appropriate information to their pack finders.
BeastMood A Beast's mood, defined as two parameters: grooviness and intensity.
BeastSimulationProgram Run a simulation of beast behaviour.
Direction Represents a direction in the xy plane.
DumbBrain A dumb beast brain that just keeps on with the same direction and emotion.
DumbSetup A dumb setup routine that just creates a couple of dumb beasts and a random walker at random locations in random directions, with boring packs.
RandomWalkingBrain A beast that takes a random walk around the screen, getting less intense the older it gets and happier the further it is from whatever point it's at the first time getMood is called (which is not necessarily its starting point, but probably is).