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Solution to part (c).

Suppose there is a hot water system is installed to the left of tap t1. This has another tap in the pipe leading into it, and supplies hot water to the shower and the sink (there are separate hot and cold water taps for each). Add this to your axiomatization. Give the denotation for all constants and predicate symbols you invent. The denotation is given in the following diagram:

The Plumbing Domain with hot water

Here is the simplest axiomatization:

pressurised(hws) <- on(t4) & pressurised(p2).
pressurised(p4) <- pressurised(hws).
pressurised(p5) <- pressurised(hws).
flow(shower) <- on(t5) & pressurised(p5).
wet(sink) <- on(t6) & pressurised(p4).
The file contains a full axiomatization.
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