RMTool: Converting AT&T Ciao Output to RMTool Format

RMTool expected as input a source model comprising information which has been extracted from the source artifacts of interest. Any number of tools may be used to extract a source model depending on the format of the source artifacts, the information of interest to extract from the artifacts, etc.

The source model format expected by RMTool is explained elsewhere.

The RMTool distribution comes with a program called CiaoToRMTool which converts output from AT&T's Acacia and Chava programs into a source model format usable with RMTool. Acacia can be used to extract information from C++ and C code bases. Chava can be used to extract information from Java code bases. 

To use this conversion program:

  1. Process your source artifacts with Acacia or Chava.
  2. Perform the query "ciao_rflat - - - -" on the database by Acacia or Chava, capturing the output into a file.
  3. Execute:
        java -DciaoToRMTool.language=[C,C++,Java] jRMTool.convert.CiaoToRMTool < <ciao_rflat_output>

    Executing this command will result in output which may be captured and used as a source model to RMTool. The source model produced is typed. 

Last updated: July 21, 2000
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