Class Silence

  extended by jass.engine.Out
      extended by jass.generators.Silence
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Silence
extends Out

Kees van den Doel (kvdoel@cs.ubc.ca)

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class jass.engine.Out
buf, bufferSize, bufOld, lock
Constructor Summary
Silence(int bufferSize)
Method Summary
protected  void computeBuffer()
          Compute the next buffer and store in member float[] buf.
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clearBuffer, copyToOld, getBuffer, getBuffer, getBufferSize, getTime, peekAtBuffer, resetTime, setBufferSize, setTime, setTimeAndNotify
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Constructor Detail


public Silence(int bufferSize)
Method Detail


protected void computeBuffer()
Description copied from class: Out
Compute the next buffer and store in member float[] buf. This is the core processing method which will be implemented for each generator.

Specified by:
computeBuffer in class Out