Class Rectify

  extended by jass.engine.Out
      extended by jass.engine.InOut
          extended by jass.generators.Rectify
All Implemented Interfaces:
Sink, Source

public class Rectify
extends InOut

Abs value of signal

Kees van den Doel (kvdoel@cs.ubc.ca)

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class jass.engine.InOut
sourceContainer, sourcePassivity, srcBuffers
Fields inherited from class jass.engine.Out
buf, bufferSize, bufOld, lock
Constructor Summary
Rectify(int bufferSize)
Method Summary
protected  void computeBuffer()
          Compute the next buffer and store in member float[] buf.
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addSource, addSource, getBuffer, getSources, removeSource, resetTime
Methods inherited from class jass.engine.Out
clearBuffer, copyToOld, getBuffer, getBufferSize, getTime, peekAtBuffer, setBufferSize, setTime, setTimeAndNotify
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Constructor Detail


public Rectify(int bufferSize)
Method Detail


protected void computeBuffer()
Compute the next buffer and store in member float[] buf. Note if stereo then output buf[] is twice as big as input buffers

Specified by:
computeBuffer in class Out