WCCCE 2004

Site and Accommodation Information


Conference Venue

WCCCE 2004 (as well as BCCEC) will be held at

Okanagan University College
North kelowna Campus

3333 University Way ( former College way), 
Kelowna, BC, V1V 1A7


BCCEC Meeting will be in SCI 247/249
WCCCE will be in ART 114 and 112
Note that there will be construction on the front of the arts building. Please enter from the back, from the parking lot.


Any student lot is free.  A map at 

shows the parking lots. The small lot to the north of the Arts building has a few spots. The lot to the east of the Science building has more spaces. The lot to the north of the Fine Arts/Health building has the most space.


Kelowna is served by a number of airlines, mostly WestJet and Air Canada (both with flights from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton), but also Horizon Air (if you are coming from the USA), and Central Mountain Air (should you be flying from Prince George, Kamloops, or Abbotsford). Details on the Kelowna International Airport are at:

Fot those driving, allow about 4-5 hours from the Lower Mainland, 8 hours from Calgary, and 12 hours from Edmonton. These times are generous. Make sure to stop and enjoy the view as you come for a visit. While we expect winter to be long gone, you may find winter driving on the Coquihalla and Coquihalla Connector, coming from the coast. Road reports are at:


Campus Info

The North Campus of OUC is located on the north side of Kelowna, surprise!  The campus is near the airport. You could walk from one to the other in a pinch; you could use a taxi; you could rent a car; or we could pick you up if you let us know when you are arriving. 

A map of the campus is at

Note that the map shows the  road from the highway to the campus as College Way. Recently the name has been changed to University Way. Perhaps the map will be updated soon. Perhaps the name will be appropriate soon as well.


We  have arranged accommodations in the OUC residences for approximately 30 people. These are in a mix of single, double, and apartments sleeping four.  For more information and booking you can call OUC Conference Services  at 1-877-589-6073 or e-mail them at
conference_services@ouc.bc.ca. To view the guest room types you can
check their website at  

Unfortunately, there are no hotels or motels nearby. The nearest with which we  have any experience are the Holiday Inn Express, Ramada, Dilworth Motor Lodge, and Best Western.  For what it's worth, when we bring in candidates for interviews, they stay at the Ramada or Holiday Inn Express.

Details on Kelowna's charms are available at 

The portion of that site dealing specifically with accommodations is


If you are interested in activities other than computing,  you can check


If you wish to shop while you are here, you may wish to consider a motel (Dilworth Motor Lodge, Ramada), near Orchard Park Shopping Centre. This mall contains a Chapter's bookstore, and, across the road, a Future Shop. The other main bookstore in Kelowna, Mosaic Books, is downtown. Bus service is available from the motels to the campus.

The same way we are away from motels, we are away from restaurants. For the dinner on Thursday evening, I would suggest either the Greek House (located 10-15 minutes north) or Mon Thong (located near the Orchard Park Shopping Centre. Old-timers at WCCCE may recognize the Mon Thong as the restaurant at whch the idea of WCCCE was born. The restaurant now has two branches: the one downtown, where the birth occurred, and the one in the mall.)

I will have a collection of tourist material for you when you arrive. If there is anything I can provide before then, please let me know.

Rick Gee

WCCCE'04  Chair