Package ca.ubc.cs.elide.nodes

Interface Summary
CodeNode An interface used to tag nodes representing code elements.

Class Summary
BlockNode BlockNode objects represent blocks of Java code in the target system.
ChildBearingNode ChildBearingNode is an abstract class representing nodes which can act as ancestors of child nodes in the AST.
ClassNode ClassNode objects represent classes in the target system.
CodeBearingNode CodeBearingNode is an abstract class representing nodes which can contain Java code.
ConstructorNode ConstructorNode objects represent constructor methods.
FieldNode FieldNode objects represent fields of classes.
ImportNode ImportNode objects represent import statements in a source file, and are associated with all classes defined in the file.
InstanceBlockNode InstanceBlockNode objects represent non-static blocks declared in Java classes.
MethodNode A MethodNode provides information about a single method on a class or interface.
ModifierBearingNode ModifierBearingNode is an abstract class, representing a Java element that can have modifiers such as public and synchronized attached to it.
NodeFactory Use NodeFactory to easily create instances of ClassNode, FieldNode, MethodNode, and TextNode.
PackageNode A PackageNode provides information on and access to a single Java package.
ParameterNode A ParameterNode provides information about a single formal parameter of a method.
StartNode A StartNode represents the root of a parse tree - this tree is made up of representations of all of the packages, classes, methods, and so on, being processed by ELIDE.
StaticBlockNode A StaticBlockNode represents a static initialization block within a class body.
TextNode A TextNode represents a snippet of Java code inside a block or method.
TransformNode A TransformNode represents a single invocation of a transformation within source code.
TypeNode A TypeNode represents a Java class or interface; unlike ClassNode, it provides no information about the type, but simply serves to identify it by name.