Intensive Course on Aspect-Oriented Programming

UBC Continuing Studies
Sierra Systems

Adrian Colyer is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member based at IBM's Hursley Laboratory in the UK. He leads the open-source AspectJ and AspectJ Development Tools projects on, and works with development groups across the IBM corporation helping them to adopt and apply AspectJ in their projects. Prior to taking a full-time role working with aspect technology, Adrian worked on middleware technologies for enterprise application development. Catch his blog at

Mik Kersten developed the original AspectJ IDE integration, debugger, and documentation tool at Xerox PARC. He is now committer on the AspectJ project, as well as the Eclipse, JBuilder, and NetBeans plugin projects. At UBC he is doing Ph.D. research on making the interaction model of IDEs more Aspect-Oriented.

Gregor Kiczales led the PARC teams that developed aspect-oriented programming and AspectJ. He has 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and bringing new programming language technologies to market. He was a member of the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) design team, and the implementor of PCL, a high-performance portable implementation of CLOS that formed the basis of subsequent commercial implementations. He was the lead designer of the CLOS metaobject protocol, and author, with Jim des Rivieres and Danny Bobrow of "The Art of the Metaobject Protocol" (MIT Press, 1991).

Gail Murphy leads a research group that performed the first empirical studies of the effectiveness of aspect-oriented programming, that has characterized crosscutting concerns in practice, and that develops tools for managing aspects in non-aspect-oriented source code.