Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia

Bryan Lee

Bryan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. With a strong interest to learn more about the field of Human Computer Interaction, he joined the SPIN Lab as a volunteer.

He is currently working with Laura Cang and Paul Bucci on the "Sensing and Machine Recognition of Interactive Affective Touch" project.

Sophy Chu

Sophy is a undergraduate student double majoring in Cognitive Systems (Linguistics) and German. She is interested in language, perception, cognition, multimodal integration and how humans navigate through a world with technology.
She is currently working with David Marino and Hannah Elbaggari on the Haptic Speech Project, supervised by Karon MacLean and Bryan Gick.

Diego Icaza

Mexican Cognitive Systems student looking to expand his understanding of 3D modeling by building robots.

Aiden Smith

Aiden Smith is a third-year student pursuing a major in Computer Science and Physics. He is currently volunteering at the lab to work on using twisted-strand actuators to produce organic motion.

Zefan Sramek

Zefan Sramek is a graduate of the Integrated Engineering program at the University of British Columbia. He is interested in technology for enhancing collaboration, virtual reality, and human realtionships with technology.

He is currently working on a project with Laura Cang and Paul Bucci to create a model of emotional transitions using EEG. 

Lena Podina

Lena is a third year Honours Computer Science student. She is doing a USRA this summer, and is working on the Magic Pen with Soheil Kianzad and his supervisor Prof. Karon MacLean.

Jessica Ip

Jessica is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Systems and Statistics at UBC.

She is currently working on the Haptipedia project alongside Dr. Hasti Seifi, Ashutosh Agrawal, John Sastrillo, and the MPI-IS team in the department of Haptic Intelligence.

Ashutosh Agrawal

Ashutosh is a pre-final year undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. Specializing in HCI/d, his primary areas of interest include User Experience Research and Interaction Design. He's visiting SPIN this summer to work on the Haptipedia project with Dr. Hasti Seifi and Jessica Ip.

Year Departed: 

John Sastrillo

John is a 3rd Year Undergraduate Student pursuing an Honours Degree in Computer Science. He will be going for an 8-month internship with Trulioo beginning September 2018.

At SPIN, John is working on the Haptipedia project with Dr. Hasti Seifi on the development of an API to cross-reference and extract metadata from haptic device research papers.

Qianqian Feng