Sensory Perception & Interaction Research Group

University of British Columbia



"Is it Happy? accepted at CHI 2018 - Congratulations to the CuddleBit team, Paul, Lotus, and Laura for getting their paper into CHI! We look forward to attending the 2018 CHI conference in Montreal in April!

Hasti Seifi awarded NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship Award - The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) honours promising researchers with financial support to further cutting edge scientific research. We are very proud to announce that Hasti Seifi has been given such an honour! Congratulations Hasti, we are proud of you!

MagicPen accepted at HAPTICS 2018 - Congratulations to Soheil for his hard work and we look forward to seeing his talk at the March 2018 HAPTICS conference in San Francisco!



Kevin Chow receives awarded Honorable Mention -  The CRA (Computing Research Association) Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award honours research excellence and we are very proud of you Kevin! Congratulations on this recognition of your hard work!


Karon Keynote at ISS - Karon is delighted to be invited as Keynote Speaker at Interactive Services and Spaces conference (Brighton UK)!



Paul Graduation - Congratulations to Paul Bucci for the exciting MSc presentation on August 16, 2017! Paul is currently teaching the undergraduate Intro to HCI Methods at UBC (CPSC 344).

Dilan Graduation - Congratulations to Dilan Ustek for the innovative presentation given on August 10, 2017! We wish you the best in your new role as the new Product Manager at Battlefy.



Welcome Vanessa Carpenter! - SPIN happily welcomed Vanessa Carpenter, a visiting PhD student (Aalborg University Copenhagen) and UX professional (IdemoLab) from Copenhagen, Denmark. What a fun collaborative time we had!



Merel Jung's PhD defense at UTwente (Netherlands) - Congratulations Dr Merel Jung on the completion of her PhD! Karon was happy to sit as external examiner at her successful defense.

Voodle gets Honourable Mention at DIS - Congratulations to the Voodle team and especially to David Marino for the excellent presentation at Designing Interactive Systems conference in Edinburgh, UK!

Student Innovation Challenge at World Haptics - Thanks for the hard work to Colin, Oliver, Ben, and Matthew for running a successful challenge at WHC in Munich, Germany!



Paul and CuddleBits at CHI - Congratulations to Paul Bucci for his well-attended talk at CHI 2017 in Denver Colorado!



Hasti Graduation - Congratulations to Hasti Seifi on her successful defense of her PhD project on March 7, 2017! Her encouraging presence in the lab has been invaluable since 2011 and we wish her the best as a Post-doctoral Fellow with Prof Katherine Kuchenbecker at the Max Planck Institute in Germany!

MacMix at World Haptics 2017 - Congratulations to Ben Clark and Oliver Schneider for their hard work on MacMix!

Voodle to be at DIS 2017 - Congratulations to David Marino and the rest of the Voodle team for their acceptance at DIS 2017!



Hasti Seifi PhD Defense Scheduled - Hasti Seifi will be having her PhD defense on March 7, 2017, Tuesday, starting at 9 am. The location will be room 200, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies building (6371 Crescent Road) on campus.

Cuddlebits Behaviour Paper Accepted for CHI 2017 - Congratulations to the Cuddlebits team (Paul Bucci, Laura Cang, Sazi Valair, David Marino, Lucia Tseng, Merel Jung, Jussia Rantala, Oliver Schneider, Karon MacLean) for their paper acceptance for the CHI 2017 conference. A select few members will also be attending the conference.



Oliver Graduation - Congratulations to Oliver Schneider, who as of last December 2016 successfully managed to defend his PhD and has graduated. Oliver has been, without a doubt, an important and fantastic part of the SPIN Lab for many years. Starting out as a SPIN Lab member since 2010, he has been a part of many of the lab's projects, notably haptic design tools, Macaron, and HapTurk just to name a few. His enthuasism and critical insights will solely be missed. We wish him luck on his future endeavors such as his postdoctoral work with Patrick Baudisch in Germany.

Laura rejoins SPIN - Welcome back Laura, as a PhD student and congratulations on your 4YF and NSERC awards!

Welcoming new lab members - We are very pleased to announce that several new lab members such as: Lotus Zhang, Haihua Zhang, Mario Cimet, Mike Spearman, Sophia Chen, Dilorom Padaeva and Kevin Chow will be joining us in assisting on our various projects this year!