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Software Practices Seminar Schedule

Fall 2000: Monday 3:30-4:30 in CICSR 204.

The UBC-CS Software Practices Seminar is a (mostly) weekly meeting of people interested in programming languages, software engineering, and related topics. The group meets to discuss papers, listen to conference practice talks, hear conference reports, and other things we haven't yet thought of doing!

This term we will (likely) have a combination of research and conference and other practice talks, and discussions about recent papers (which will be provided to participants the week before). 

18 September Organization of the Seminar activities for the term.
25 September Paper Presentation: Coding Issues in AspectJ (de Alwis et al.)
Brian de Alwis, Stephan Gudmundson, Greg Smolyn.
2 October Paper Presentation: Exploring an Aspect-Oriented Approach to Operating System Code (Coady et al.)
Yvonne Coady
9 October Thanksgiving. Seminar Cancelled.
16 October Paper Discussion: Light-weight Context Recovery for Efficient and Accurate Program Analyses (Liang et al.)
Albert Lai
23 October Conference Practice Talks: (in room 208)
Designing Robust Java Programs with Exceptions - Martin Robillard
Implicit Context: Easing Software Evolution and Reuse - Rob Walker
30 October M.Sc. Thesis Overview: Multi-dispatch in the Java Virtual Machine: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation.
Chris Dutchyn
6 November Conference Practice Demo:?
Andrew and Reid
13 November Remembrance day. Seminar Cancelled.
20 November Honor's Thesis Overview: Visualizing the Global Exception Flow of a Java Software System.
Annie Ying
27 November Something:
4 December Something:
11 December Something:
18 December Something:

Past Seminar Schedules

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