Here is a list of calendar entries of scientific computing courses offered at UBC. Not every course is offered in every year.

Undergraduate Courses

CPSC 302: Numerical Computation for Algebraic Problems

Numerical techniques for basic mathematical processes involving no discretization, and their analysis. Solution of linear systems, including analysis of round-off errors; norms and condition number; introduction to iterative techniques in linear algebra, including eigenvalue problems; solution to nonlinear equations.

CPSC 303: Numerical Approximation and Discretization

Numerical techniques for basic mathematical processes involving discretization, and their analysis. Interpolation and approximation, including splines and least squares data fitting; numerical differentiation and integration; introduction to numerical initial value ordinary differential equations.

CPSC 406: Computational Optimization

Formulation and analysis of algorithms for continuous and discrete optimization problems; linear, nonlinear, network, dynamic, and integer optimization; large-scale problems; software packages and their implementation; duality theory and sensitivity.

Graduate Courses

CPSC 517: Sparse Matrix Computations

Formulation and analysis of algorithms for sparse matrices; direct and iterative solvers for sparse linear systems; eigenvalue problems; least-squares problems; applications.

CPSC 546: Numerical Optimization

Graduate Topics Courses

CPSC 542F: Convex Analysis and Optimization

CPSC 542G: Topics in Numerical Computation