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  • Brouwer, I., MacLean, K., Hodgson, A., Price-Quality Trade-Offs in Haptic Interfaces for Simulation of Laparoscopic Surgery ,Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, January 22-25, 2003, Newport Beach, California USA pdf
  • Giuseppe Carenini and David Poole ValueCharts: Visualization and Interactive Techniques to Support Preferential Choice , ppt
  • CIspace project members CIspace: Tools for Learning Computational Intelligence, ppt
  • Cristina Conati, Romain Chabbal, Heather Maclaren A Study on Using Biometric Sensors for Detecting User Emotions, ppt
  • Jesse Hoey et al. SPUDD: Stochastic Planning Using Decision Diagrams, pdf
  • Robert St-Aubin and Alan Mackworth Probabilistic Constraint Nets, pdf
  • Robert St-Aubin, Jesse Hoey and Craig Boutilier APRICODD: Approximater Policy Construction using Decision Diagrams, ppt
  • Kees van den Doel et al. Java Audio Synthesis System, ppt
  • Kees van den Doel et al. SoundView: Seeing with Sound, ppt