Gesture3D: Posing 3D Characters via Gesture Drawings

Conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016  [link]

Gesture3D: gesture drawings (b,e) of an input character model (a); estimated 2D skeleton projections (c,f) and new poses automatically computed from the drawings (d,g).


Artists routinely use gesture drawings to communicate ideated character poses for storyboarding and other digital media. During subsequent posing of the 3D character models, they use these drawing as a reference, and perform the posing itself using 3D interfaces which require time and expert 3D knowledge to operate.

We propose the first method for automatically posing 3D characters directly using gesture drawings as an input, sidestepping the manual 3D posing step. We observe that artists are skilled at quickly and effectively conveying poses using such drawings, and design them to facilitate a single perceptually consistent pose interpretation by viewers. Our algorithm leverages perceptual cues to parse the drawings and recover the artist-intended poses. It takes as input a vector-format rough gesture drawing and a rigged 3D character model, and plausibly poses the character to conform to the depicted pose. No other input is required.

Our contribution is two-fold: we first analyze and formulate the pose cues encoded in gesture drawings; we then employ these cues to compute a plausible image space projection of the conveyed pose and to imbue it with depth. Our framework is designed to robustly overcome errors and inaccuracies frequent in typical gesture drawings. We exhibit a wide variety of character models posed by our method created from gesture drawings of complex poses, including poses with occlusions and foreshortening.

We validate our approach via result comparisons to artist-posed models generated from the same reference drawings, via studies that confirm that our results agree with viewer perception, and via comparison to algorithmic alternatives.

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