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People in Charge
Computing Service Requirement
Laks V.S.Lakshmanan, Raymond Ng, Rachel Pottinger
Tech Staff Representative
Dave Brent
  • Office: ICCS 131
  • Phone: 604-822-4392
  • Home: 604-980-8530
Mailing List
Ed Knorr
Social Network Reading Group
Glenn Bevilacqua
Lab Tech Liaison
Omar AlOmeir
Lab Space Liasion
Omar AlOmeir
Lab Whip/Public Relations
Jessica Wong
Social Coordinator
Rachel Pottinger
Graduate Admissions
Rachel Pottinger
Web Master
Jessica Wong

Mailing Lists

We have a number of mailing lists. People should be subscribed to the most specific list that they belong to - e.g., a grad student should be subscribed to db-grads only, and this will automatically register the grad student in the "ancestor" groups: db-grads, db-students, and db-lab. The grad student will also automatically be added to the db-talks mailing lists. Here is part of the list:

  • db-lab
    • db-faculty
    • db-students
      • db-grads
      • db-ugrads
      • db-interns
    • db-visitors (current guests visiting the labs)

A few other lists also exist:

To subscribe to a mailing list, send a note to to join a specific list.  This sends a note to the owner of the list.

Last Update: May 4, 2015  

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