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2008/04/17: Assignment 4 is available to be picked up in front of Holger's office (X541). Any old assignments and quizes not yet picked up will also be there. Any of the material from the assignments and quizes may be included on the final exam.
2008/04/15: Oral exams will take place on the Monday the 21th and Tuesday the 22st of April, 2008 in room X541 (Holger's office). Oral exams will be around 15 minutes long, and a 5 minute extension is allowed if the instructor deems it necessary. If you cannot attend your given time slot, contact Holger immediately. We strongly encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your exam start time, and plan your trip to campus carefully. You are responsible for arriving to your exam on time. Because of the tight schedule, we won't be able to accommodate any reschedule delays.
2008/04/11: Holger and Andrew are holding extended office hours for the week of April the 14th. Check here for details. If you can't make these times, please get in touch with us.
2008/04/03: The schedule for the oral final examinations is available here. Students must be available at precisely the time shown on the exam schedule and are urged to take any measures necessary to ensure timely arrival at the exam location. Late arrivals or missed exams will be handled strictly according to UBC examination rules. As for any UBC examinations, students need to bring student ID and gouvernment-issued picture ID. Each oral exam will take about 15 minutes (+ up to 5 minutes as necessary). The examiner (Holger) may ask questions on any materials covered in the course (i.e., lectures, assignments, quizzes, mini-project presentations). Exam questions may involve moderate amounts of calculation as a means of demonstrating knowledge of algorithms covered in the course. You may use a whiteboard to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular subject.

If you have a conflict with the schedule, please contact Holger or Andrew immediately. You may post notes in the appropriate columns, above or below the schedule. Please me aware this is a draft schedule that can, and probably will, change while sorting out conflicts. We will tell you when it has been finalized, but up to that point make sure that you do not make any plans (travel etc.) based on the preliminary schedule!
2008/04/01: Assignment 4 is up.
2008/03/25: The presentation schedule is up. If there are any problems, please let email Andrew or Holger.
There was a change to question 1c) of assignment three. A tree leaf node was missing, and has now been added.
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2008/03/18: Assignment 3 is now posted.
2008/03/10: The midterm questionnaire is now available here. Andrew is out of town this week, but Holger will be happy to meet with you during his office hours or by appointment, if needed.
2008/03/04: If you are still looking for a partner for project proposal, please give either Andrew or Holger an email.
2008/03/03: Quiz 3 on Thursday, March 06 (first 15 minutes of class)
2008/02/20: Additional note to problem 1d) - if you are having trouble getting LAGAN to read your tree because it is not binary, perform your alignment using a closely related binary tree.
2008/02/15: Assignment 2 is now up, and is due 2008/02/28.
2008/02/13: As announced on Tuesday in class, Quiz 2 will take place tomorrow (Thu, 14 February) during the first 15min of class.
2008/02/06: Corrected a mistake in the substitution matrix on question 2 of assignment 1. Question 2b now has a hint.
2008/02/01: Assignment 1 is now up, and is due 2008/02/12.
2008/01/14: The office hours of Andrew Carbonetto are changed for this Wednesday (Jan 23rd only). They now run from 11:00-12:00 in X150.
2008/01/14: Quiz 1 has been scheduled for Thu, 17 January, towards the beginning of class. The quiz will cover the KMP algorithm, as discussed today (see also the handout in the "Materials" section).
2008/01/02: Happy New Year! The first class of CPSC 445 is scheduled for Tuesday, 01/08, in DMP 301.

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