Software and Data

Eye-Movement Data Analysis Toolkit (EMDAT)

We have developed an Eye Movement Data Analysis Toolkit (EMDAT) for processing eye gaze data, which is open-source and freely available for download. A snapshot of the latest stable version can be found on the EMDAT homepage, and the latest development source code can be found at our EMDAT GitHub repository.
We have also developed a real-time version of EMDAT, which is available at our EMDAT-RT GitHub repository (not suported anymore).

User characteristics tests

We provide a set of softwares and questionnaires to evualuate some of the individual cognitive abilities (e.g., perceptual speed, visual working memory) and personnality traits of users (e.g., locus of control, need for cognition).

You can find the codes, data and information here.


We designed ValueCharts, a set of visualizations and interactive techniques intended to support decision-makers in preferential choice. Often complex decisions can be framed as preferential choices, i.e., the process of selecting the best option out of a possibly large set of alternatives based on multiple attributes (e.g., select a house to buy, identify a site for a new airport). ValueCharts provides a set of interactive techniques to enable the inspection of the data to support comple decisions.

You can see a demo and download the sourcode here.

ConVis: Visual text analytic system for Asyncrhonous conversations