My interests:

I like to read. This is my favorite thing to do.
When I was a child, most of my spare time was spent reading. I enjoy many different subjects -- including history, ancient and modern poetry, autobiographies and novels. If you would like to learn some chinese stories, come and see me.

I also like to write. :)
At high school I wrote poetry (esp. in ancient styles) and prose. Our class published a collection of poetry which contained some of my work. As an undergraduate, I continued to write. I am too busy at the moment to write, but someday I will write again.

I like PC-GAMES!
After working hard, I need to reduce my stress level. My favorite games are Red Alert, Warcraft, Starcraft, Flight Simulations, C&C and many RPG games. I even enjoy playing cards in Windows.

I like to skate, swim, play pingpang and soccer...
I was born in the South of China, but I grew up in the North. I like to skate outside on real ice. I still miss my northern hometown. I spend time swimming, playing pingpang and soccer too. But now, I find soccer is a dangerous game for me. I also start playing tennis. Thanks for Marcio's racket and Wendy's balls. Without these two friends' donations, I would not have been nearly such a good player. :) //actually, I am a beginner and need to find a partner. I know Ajanta promised to go with, but she never did it.

Oops, I forget to mention MUSICS!! MOVIES, *.MP3, *.AVI, *.mpeg, *.rm...