Everybody Wants a Google Shirt

("Everybody Wants a Google Shirt" is based on "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears. Alternate lyrics by Andy Collins, Kate Deibel, Neil Spring, Steve Wolfman, and Ken Yasuhara. Possible ukulele tabs.)
Shopping at job fairs
Push my resume
[But] jobs aren't what I seek
I will be your
walking student advertisement
Can't live on my research stipend
Everybody wants a Google shirt

HP, Amazon
Pixar, Cray, and Ford
I just can't decide
Help me score the most
free pens and free umbrellas
or a coffee mug from Bell Labs
Everybody wants a Google..

There's a room where it's Halloween, you
trick or treat for the branded, useless schlock.
When you do, I'll be right behind you.
Your CV's only so-so,
[But] it's worth a flashing yo-yo.
Everybody wants a Google shirt

[Un]til I find a steady funder
I'll make do with cheap-ass plunder
Everybody wants a Google..

Wait! You will never never never need it
It's free; I couldn't leave it
Everybody wants a Google shirt

Shameless corp'rate carrion crows
Turn your backs and show your logos
Everybody wants a Google shirt

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