LPSAT Resources

Here are some resources relating to LPSAT which I have made available. I hope to have all the code for the system up some time in early 2000.

The LPSAT system

  • Very old compressed Linux binary (230kB)
  • Compressed binaries built for a Pentium 4 running Linux Red Hat 7.3 (276kB; thanks to Leonardo de Moura!)
  • The whole LPSAT project with some actual documentation!
  • Code

  • Tarred, gzipped lex and yacc parsing code
  • Test problems with metric constraints

    Here is a set of problems in a metricized version of the logistics domain that I used to test LPSAT (along with the domain):
  • Domain: domain.pddl
  • easy-1
  • easy-2
  • easy-3
  • easy-4
  • log-a
  • log-b
  • log-c
  • log-d
  • Related Systems/Work

    I occasionally receive mail from people who use LPSAT in their work. I strongly recommend reading up on Drew McDermott's PDDL language (the basis for LPSAT's input language), Robert Bayardo's RelSAT system (the basis for LPSAT's SAT solver), and Greg Badros's Cassowary system (the basis for LPSAT's LP solver) for those folks.

    Sadly, I haven't usually asked for links to their results, but I'm asking now! Drop me a line if you use LPSAT, and I'll post a link here:

    Steve Wolfman