My research interests are in the areas of software architecture, Web-based systems, cloud computing, and aspect-oriented programming.

Recent Program Committess

Aspect-Oriented Software Development 2014
Foundations of Software Engineering 2013 (FSE)
Software Composition 2013
Generative Programming and Component Engineering 2012
Services Computing 2012

Recent Projects

Imagen: Cross-browser Javascript process migration
Manticore: Partitioning Web applications for Hybrid Clouds

Currently Supervising

Nima Kaviani
Reza Babanezhad
Rolf Biehn
James Lo

Previously Supervised

Lee Beckman (Amazon)
Peng Li (Beijing Inst. of Tech.)
Brett Cannon (Google)
Steve Gao (Blast Radius)
Erica Zhang (Microsoft)
Sara Forghanizadeh (IBM)
Ivan Minevskiy (SAP Business Objects)
Navjot Singh (Oblong Industries)