Will Evans's Teaching History

University of British Columbia

Computational Geometry CPSC516 2022W1
Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis CPSC420+500 2015W2,2016W2,2022W2,2023W2
Basic Algorithms and Data Structures CPSC221 2004W2,2005W2,2008W1,2010W1,2011W1,2012W1,2013W1,2015W1,2016W1,2018W2,2019W1,2020W1,2020W2
Graph Drawing CPSC536E 2013W2,2017W2,2023W1
Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and Analysis CPSC500 2000W2,2001W2,2002W2,2003W2,2004W2,2006W1,2008W2,2009W2,2010W2,2011W2,2012W2,2013W1
Computational Geometry and Graph Drawing CPSC516 2012W2
Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis CPSC320 2009W1
Discrete Mathematics CPSC220 1994W2 (as a postdoc)

University of Arizona

Computer Graphics CSc433 & 533 Fall 1999,Fall 2000
Algorithms CSc445 Spring 1997, Spring 1998, Spring 1999, Spring 2000
Data Structures and Algorithms CSc342 Fall 1998
Design and Analysis of Algorithms CSc545 Fall 1997
Computational Geometry for GIS CSc645 Fall 1996

San Francisco State University

Analysis of Algorithms CSC510 Fall 1993 (as a graduate student)