Michiel van de Panne -- Talks

Learning to Move: Recent Progress Towards Physics-based Characters. Ecole Normale Superieure de Rennes, France, Dec 1, 2016.
Learning to Move: Recent Progress Towards Physics-based Characters. INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France, Nov 29, 2016.
Learning for Control. Biomechanics of Anthropometric Systems, Toulouse, France, Nov 25, 2016.
Modeling and Learning Motion Skills. UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA, Oct 13, 2016.
Modeling and Learning Motion Skills. OpenAI, San Francisco, USA, Oct 11, 2016.
Learning Motion Skills. Motion In Games 2016 (keynote). San Francisco, USA, Oct 10, 2016.
Skilled Simulated Humans and Animals: Almost there!. Graphics Interface 2016 (CHCCS Achievement Award talk), Victoria, Canada, June 2, 2106.
Smart characters and drawings. FMX 2016 (invited speaker), Stuttgart, Germany, April 29, 2016.
Understanding movement skills using simulation. University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, April 25, 2016.
Learning agile movement skills with physics-based simulation. University College London, London, United Kingdom, April 21, 2016.
Learning agile movement skills with physics-based simulation. Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom, April 22, 2016.
Learning agile movement skills with physics-based simulation. Google Deepmind, London, United Kingdom, April 21, 2016.
Learning movement skills. UBC CS Robuddies reading group, Vancouver, Canada, March 7, 2016.
Understanding movement skills using simulation. UBC Department of Kinesiology seminar, March 3, 2016.
From motion clips to agile simulated characters. Electronic Arts Canada, Burnaby, Canada, Oct 15, 2015.
Computer graphics and animation. Ladies Learning Code, UBC, Vancouver, Canada, Aug. 21, 2015.
Dynamic terrain traversal skills using reinforcement learning. ACM SIGGRAPH 2015, Los Angeles, California, USA, Aug 9-15, 2015.
Learning reduced-order feedback policies for motion skills. ACM SIGGRAPH/EG Symposium on Computer Animation, Los Angeles, California, USA, Aug 7-9, 2015.
Learning Locomotion Skills.Dynamic Walking 2015 (keynote), Columbus, Ohio, USA, July 20-24, 2015
Animation potpourri: New models for animated vector graphics, motion optimization, and data-driven animation. INRIA Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble, France, July 2, 2015.
Learning dynamic locomotion skills for terrains with obstacles. Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making 2015, Edmonton, Alberta, June 8, 2015.
Optimization in Computer Graphics and Animation Public Interest Lecture, CanaDAM 2015: Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference June 1-4, 2015, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Designing Motion Skills using Physics-based Simulation and Optimization ETH Distinguished Seminar in Robotics, Systems and Control, Zurich, Switzerland, Oct 31, 2014
Developing Locomotion Skills Using Policy Search IROS 2013 Workshop on Offline and online optimization for humanoid robots, Tokyo, Japan, Nov 7, 2013
Movement Skills for Physics-based Characters: A Roadmap Plenary, Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA 2013), Anaheim, California, USA, July 19, 2013 slides
The Language of Motion Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, May 25, 2012
Control recipes for galloping dogs and rolling humans CARIS lab, UBC Mechanical Engineering, May 16, 2012
The Language of Motion UBC CS Faculty Lecture Series, UBC, Vancouver, Nov 3, 2011
Representations for skilled locomotion keynote, CGI 2011: Computer Graphics International, Ottawa, June 12, 2011
Control Scaffolding for Physics-based Modeling of Biped and Quadruped Locomotion GRAND 2011 Conference, Vancouver, May 14, 2011
Representations for skilled locomotion: Towards the secret sauce? Seminar on Human, Avatar, and Robot Motion, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA, May 3, 2011
Representations for control, mistakes made, and lessons learned Bellairs 2011 Workshop on Computer Animation, McGill Bellairs Institute, Barbados, Feb 19, 2011
Towards downloadable skills for physics-based characters SFU SIAT graduate seminar, SFU SIAT, Surrey, Dec 1, 2010
Representations for skilled locomotion and manipulation INRIA Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble, France, Nov 18, 2010
The coming age of physics-based characters Autodesk Research, Toronto, May 21, 2010
Skills in a box: Abstracting motor skills for smart characters invited speaker, Motion in Games 2010, Zeist, Netherlands, Nov 15, 2010
Computing on the move: The coming age of agile creatures keynote, Trends in Computing, University of Toronto, May 19, 2010
Connecting models with data for graphics Dept of Computer Science, University of Toronto, May 18, 2010
Real-time Physics-based Models of Human Motion INRIA RHone-Alpes, Grenoble, France, Mar 11, 2009
Human Motion Synthesis for Graphics and Robotics INRIA Sophia Antipolis, Sophia-Antipolis, France, Sept 16, 2008
Simple Strategies for Biped Locomotion Control Theory and Applied Mechanics seminar, Cornell University, Nov 14, 2007
Simple Controllers for flexible balance-aware biped motions Machines and Organisms seminar, Cornell University, Nov 15, 2007
Motion from Concentrate Electronic Arts, Burnaby, BC, May 15, 2007
Sketch-based Modeling and Sketch-based Animation INRIA Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France, Apr 26, 2005
Future of Animation Vidfest: Vancouver International Video Festival, June 25, 2004
User Interfaces and Reinforcement Learning for Motion Control invited seminar, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Melon University, Apr 2, 2004
Biomechanics meets animation: Explorations in motion synthesis for real and imaginary creatures keynote, 7th International Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics, Calgary, Aug 1999
Control for Simulated Human and Animal Motion plenary talk, IFAC Workshop on Motion Control, Grenoble, France, Sept 1998
Control of Physically-Simulated Walking Invited talk, IMAGINA '97, Monaco, Feb 1997