ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation

July 21-22, 2002

San Antonio, Texas

in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics

sponsored by Microsoft

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Advance Program

Sunday, July 21

8:00 Registration
9:00 Introduction - Michiel van de Panne
9:30 Keynote
Bipedal Bugs, Galloping Ghosts and Crawling Caterpillars: Biological Inspiration in Computer Animation Robert J. Full
Director, PolyPEDAL Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley

10:30 BREAK

11:00 Wolves and Cubism
Leashing the AlphaWolves: Mixing User Direction with Autonomous Emotion in a Pack of Semi-Autonomous Virtual Characters Bill Tomlinson, Marc Downie, Matt Berlin, Jesse Gray, Derek Lyons, Jennie Cochran, and Bruce Blumberg (Synthetic Characters Group, MIT Media Lab)
Stylized Video Cubes Allison Klein (Princeton University), Peter-Pike Sloan (Microsoft Research), Adam Finkelstein (Princeton University), and Michael Cohen (Microsoft Research)

12:00 LUNCH

1:30 Collisions and Deformations
Fast Penetration Depth Computation For Physically-based Animation Young Kim, Miguel Otaduy, Ming Lin, and Dinesh Manocha (UNC)
Sphere-Tree Construction using Dynamic Medial-Axis Approximation Gareth Bradshaw and Carol O'Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin)
A Multiresolution Framework for Dynamic Deformations (project page) Steve Capell, Seth Green, Brian Curless, Tom Duchamp, and Zoran Popovic (University of Washington)
Stable Real-Time Deformations Matthias Müller (ETH Zurich), Leonard McMillan, Julie Dorsey, Robert Jagnow, and Barbara Cutler (MIT)

3:30 BREAK

4:00 Heads, Faces, Hair
Head Shop: Generating Animated Head Models with Anatomical Structure Kolja Kähler, Jörg Haber, Hitoshi Yamauchi, and Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik)
FACEMOTE: Qualitative Parametric Modifiers for Facial Animations Meeran Byun and Norm Badler (University of Pennsylvania)
A Practical Model for Hair Mutual Interactions Johnny Chang, Jingyi Jin, and Yizhou Yu (UIUC)

Monday, July 22

9:00 Simulation, Motion Capture, Editing
Modeling Tension and Relaxation for Computer Animation (project page) Michael Neff and Eugene Fiume (University of Toronto)
Motion Capture-Driven Simulations that Hit and React Victor Zordan (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Jessica Hodgins (Carnegie Mellon University)
Footskate Cleanup for Motion Capture Editing Lucas Kovar, John Schreiner, and Michael Gleicher (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

10:30 BREAK

11:00 Animation from Motion/Video Data
On-line Locomotion Generation Based on Motion Blending (project page) Sang Il Park, Hyun Joon Shin, and Sung Yong Shin (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Human Motion Reconstruction from Inter-Frame Feature Correspondences of a Single Video Stream Using a Motion Library (lab page) Min Je Park, Min Gyu Choi, and Sung Yong Shin (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Controlled Animation of Video Sprites (project page) Arno Schödl and Irfan Essa (Georgia Institute of Technology)

12:30 LUNCH

2:00 Skinning
Least-Squares Approximation Techniques for Skin Animation Corina Wang and Cary Phillips (Industrial Light and Magic)
Model-based Reconstruction for Creature Animation (project page) Maryann Simmons, Jane Wilhelms, and Allen Van Gelder (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Medial-Based Vertex Deformation Jules Bloomenthal (Unchained Geometry)
EigenSkin: Real Time Large Deformation Character Skinning in Hardware (project page) Paul G. Kry, Doug L. James, and Dinesh K. Pai (University of British Columbia)

4:00 BREAK

4:30 Natural Phenomena
Interactive Animation of Ocean Waves (project page) Damien Hinsinger, Fabrice Neyret, and Marie-Paule Cani (iMAGIS-GRAVIR/IMAG-INRIA)
Melting and Flowing Mark Carlson, Peter J. Mucha, R. Brooks Van Horn III, and Greg Turk (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Synthesizing Sounds from Rigid-Body Simulations James O'Brien, Chen Shen, and Christine Gatchalian (University of California Berkeley)

6:00 CLOSE