Curriculum Learning for Motor Skills

AI 2012

Andrej Karpathy     Michiel van de Panne

University of British Columbia


Humans and animals acquire their wide repertoire of mo- tor skills through an incremental learning process, during which pro- gressively more complex skills are acquired and subsequently integrated with prior abilities. The order in which the skills are learned and the progressive manner in which they are developed play an important role in developing a nal skill set. Inspired by this general idea, we develop an approach for learning motor skills based on a two-level curriculum. At the high level, the curriculum speci es an order in which di erent skills should be learned. At the low level, the curriculum de nes a process for learning within a skill. The method is used to develop an ensemble of highly dynamic integrated motor skills for a planar articulated gure ca- pable of doing parameterized hops, ips, rolls, and acrobatic sequences. Importantly, we demonstrate that the same curriculum can be success- fully applied to signi cant variations of the articulated gure to yield appropriately individualized motor skill sets.


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