Motion Doodles: An Interface for Sketching Character Motion

Transactions on Graphics (Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH 2004)

Matthew Thorne, David Burke, and Michiel van de Panne
University of British Columbia



In this paper we present a novel system for sketching the motion of a character. The process begins by sketching a character to be animated. An animated motion is then created for the character by drawing a continuous sequence of lines, arcs, and loops. These are parsed and mapped to a parameterized set of output motions that further reflect the location and timing of the input sketch. The current system supports a repertoire of 18 different types of motions in 2D and a subset of these in 3D. The system is unique in its use of a cursive motion specification, its ability to allow for fast experimentation, and its ease of use for non-experts.

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