2007-2008 UBC CS-DLS, ICICS-DLS, CS-faculty talks

This page provides an integrated summary of: Links to abstracts will be added shortly.
Except for talks marked **, all talks take place in DMP 310, Thursday, 3:30-4:30 pm, with time for a question and answer period from 4:30-4:50 pm.

**Sept 25 2007 IEEE Comp Society, Linda Rising, 3-5pm, Kaiser 2020
               "The Benefits of Abstraction in Patterns"
Sept 27 2007   ICICS DLS, Gehan Amaratunga, Cambridge University:
               "Nanoelectronics Using Carbon Nanotubes"
Oct 4   2007   CS DLS, Lydia Kavraki, Rice University: 
               "Motion Planning for Physical Systems"
**Oct 4 2007   IEEE Comp Society, Alexandra Fedorova, SFU, 4-6:30pm, Kaiser 2020
               "What every developer should know about software performance
                on multicore processors"
                Tor Aamodt, UBC
                "Using Modern Graphics Processors for Non-graphics Applications"
Oct 11  2007 
Oct 18  2007  
Oct 25  2007   ICICS DLS, Raghu Ramakrishnan, Yahoo! Research:
               "Web Data Managment"
Nov 1   2007   
Nov 8   2007   CS DLS, Mark Guzdial, Georgia Tech: 
               "Meeting Computing Needs Across Campus"
Nov 15  2007   CS FLS, Gregor Kiczales, UBC: 
               "Context, Perspective and Programs"
Nov 22  2007   ICICS DLS, Li Deng, Microsoft Research:
               "Modeling and Learning in Multimedia and Speech Processing: 
                Industrial and Academic Perspectives"
Nov 29  2007   CS FLS, David Kirkpatrick, UBC: 
               "Input-thrifty Algorithms"
Dec 6   2007   [exams]
Dec 13  2007   [exams]
Jan 10  2008
Jan 17  2008   CS FLS: Alan Hu, UBC:
               "Porting Formal Verification Success from Hardware to Software"
Jan 24  2008   CS FLS: Beth Simon, UBC: 
               "How can CS education research help you in the classroom?"
Jan 31  2008   ICICS DLS, Scott Delp, Stanford University:
               "Digital Humans: From Biomechanical Models to Simulated Surgery"
Feb 7   2008   CS DLS, Jim Herbsleb, CMU: 
               "Coordination in Global Development"
Feb 14  2008   
Feb 21  2008   [reading week]
Feb 28  2008   ICICS DLS, Gurindar Sohi, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison:
               "Single-chip Multiprocessors: 
                A New Landscape for Computer Architecture and Beyond"
Mar 6   2008   CS DLS, Leo Guibas, Stanford University: 
               "Point-Based Modeling and Simulation"
Mar 13  2008   CS DLS, Nancy Amato, Texas A&M University: 
               "Randomized Motion Planning: From Intelligent CAD to 
                Computer Animation to Protein Folding"
Mar 20  2008   CS FLS, Alan Mackworth, UBC: 
               "Agents, Bodies, Constraints, Dynamics and Evolution"
Mar 27  2008   ICICS DLS, Holly Rushmeier, Yale University:
               "Modeling Material Appearance for Computer Graphics Applications"
Apr 3   2008
Apr 10  2008
Apr 17  2008   [exams]

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