Paper Presentation Schedule

February 28

Vadym Voznyuk: Key-Posture Extraction out of human motion data
Peng Zhao: Melting and Flowing
Ken Deeter: Interactive Animation of Ocean Waves

March 7

Asher Lipson: Leashing the AlphaWolves: mixing user direction with autonomous emotion in a pack of semi-autonomous virtual characters
Fang Gao: Synthesis of Complex Dynamic Character Motion from Simple Animations
Dan Xiao: Motion Graphs

March 14

Ken Alton: Pedestrians: Creating agent behaviours through statistical analysis of observation data
Matt Williams: Interactive Control for Physically-Based Animation
Karl Hamel: Motion Capture-Driven Simulations That Hit and React
Fred Kimberley: ??

March 21

Dana Sharon: Style Machines
Claus Beringer: Composeable Controllers
Rod McFarland: Controlled Animation of Video Sprites

Mar 28

Helen Li: Interactive Manipulation of Rigid Body Simulations
Lin Zhong: Interactive Motion Generation from Examples
Xiaojing Wu: Motion Caputre Assisted Animation: Texturing and Synthesis

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