Reinforcement Learning Resources

Reinforcement Learning, second edition Richard Sutton, Andrew Barto.
This is the second edition of the (now classical) book on reinforcement learning.
CS234: Reinforcement Learning, Stanford Emma Brunskill
Comprehensive slides and lecture videos.
CS 285: Deep Reinforcement Learning, UC Berkeley Sergey Levine
Comprehensive slides and lecture videos.
UCL Course on RL (2015) David Silver
Comprehensive slides and lecture videos.
CMU 10703: Deep RL and Control, Fall 2018 Katerina Fragkiadaki, Tom Mitchell
Slides, readings, resources
Policy gradient algorithms Lillian Weng
Nice summary of the many flavors of policy-gradient algorithms.
Deep RL: Pong from Pixels     DQN demo     REINFORCEjs     Andrej Karpathy
Intuitive descriptions of policy gradients; DeepRL in your browser
Dive into Deep Learning
An interactive deep learning book, with code, math, discussions, based on NumPy.