Lecture Schedule

Date Topic
Fri Dec 15, 11am Project Presentations   location to be announced
Tue Dec 12 Project report due
Thu Nov 30 Wrap-up class
Tue Nov 28 paper 13: Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio. Setareh, Saeid)
Thu Nov 23 paper 12: Production-Level Facial Performance Capture Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, SCA 2017. Polina, Michael
Tue Nov 21 paper 10: Understanding the Impact of Animated Gesture Performance on Personality Perceptions,     PDF     video (mp4) ACM TOG 2017. Lotus, Bicheng
paper 11: Bringing Portraits to Life, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017. Borna, Marjan
Thu Nov 16 paper 9: A Computational Design Tool for Compliant Mechanisms. Bronson, Julin
Tue Nov 14 paper 7: Hybrid Skeletal-Surface Motion Graphs for Character Animation from 4D Performance Capture, SIGGRAPH 2015. Farzad, Ainaz
paper 8: Synchronized multi-character motion editing, SIGGRAPH 2009. Edoardo, Chrystiano
note: project proposal due Wed Nov 15
Thu Nov 9 paper 6: Deeploco: Dynamic locomotion skills using hierarchical deep reinforcement learning, SIGGRAPH 2017. Sam, Ben
Tue Nov 7 paper 4: Generalized biped walking control, SIGGRAPH 2010. Justin, Jocelyn
paper 5: Feature-Based Locomotion Controllers, SIGGRAPH 2010. Alistair, Egor
Thu Nov 2 Control Methods: Reinforcement Learning Policy Gradients
Passive Walking:
    Andy Ruina talk (2012): Gliders, bicycles, and walking robots, passive dynamic walkers (YouTube)
    Simple walking toy (YouTube)
    Passive Dynamic Walking, McGeer, 1990 (PDF)
Tue Oct 31 Control Methods: Reinforcement Learning: Policy Gradients
Thu Oct 26 Control Methods: Reinforcement Learning (with value functions)
Tue Oct 24 Control Methods control-methods.pdf: traj opt, QP, policy search
Project description: project.pdf
Thu Oct 19 Spacetime constraints, SQP
Assigment 4 out: a4.pdf
Tue Oct 17 Introduction to forward/inverse kinematics-and-dynamics; control
paper3: Spacetime Constraints     Luxo mpg video
Please read this paper before class, and post a mini-review under the "paper3" tag on Piazza
Assignment 2 back.
Paper presentations assignment out: presentations.pdf     suggested papers
a2 draft solution     physics-two-body.pdf
Thu Oct 12 Motion Matching, and introduction to learned kinematic control policies
Simon Clavet talk on Motion Matching (MIG 2016, GDC 2016)     YouTube     slides (PDF)
another related talk on Motion Matching (Kirstjan Zadziuk, GDC 2016): YouTube
Tue Oct 10 Constrained rigid body dynamics
Rigid object dynamics (complete)     physics-rigid-body-complete.pdf
Thu Oct 5 paper discussion: Motion Graphs video project web page

Good extra reading for physics-based simulation:
Interactive Simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics in Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics Forum, 2013 (PDF)
David Baraff and Andrew Witkin, Physically Based Modeling, Online SIGGRAPH 2001 Course Notes, 2001.
Tue Oct 3 paper discussion: Performance Animation from Low-dimensional Control Signals    video
Thu Sept 28 Rigid object dynamics (blank)physics-rigid-body-blank.pdf
Tue Sept 26 Representing Orientations orientations.pdf
Thu Sept 21 Representing Orientations
Tue Sept 19 Animating an Object; Representing Orientations orientations-blank.pdf
Thu Sept 14 Review of Affine Transformations affine.pdf
Assmt 1 out, due Thu Sept 21: a1.pdf,    
Tue Sept 12 Context: Motion Notation systems; Cameras and Displays; Perception; History of Animation
Slides: intro.pdf
Videos & Materials
prehistoric thaumatrope (web page)
prehistoric animated paintings (youtube)
prehistoric animated paintings: paper (PDF)
Pixar Zoetrope (youtube)
build a Zoetrope (youtube)
point light displays, walking styles (web page)
Spinning mirror display, USC (youtube)
3D teleconferencing, USC (youtube)
Ishiguro robot, uncanny valley (youtube)
Galloping horse point light display sculpture (Vimeo video)
Motion Sculptures (web page)
Muybridge books
Thu Sept 7 Course overview; introductions; background survey.