I Hate Beamer

September 24, 2021

Victor Sanches Portella

Imagine you have an amazing rice cooker, the RiCeR. It prepares any kind of rice very well with (usually) little effort on your part. One day you decide to bake bread with RiCeR because… why not? It doesn’t taste great, but yet every person you know starts baking bread using RiCeR because “why not?”. Soon enough everybody starts presenting their RiCeR breads in conferences, seminar series, reading groups, and no single traditionally baked bread is left to be seen, even though they taste better. In this talk I’ll vent about my frustration with Beamer for LaTeX, its popularity, and maybe mention mildly better alternatives. >> Underfull \hbox (badness 10000) in paragraph at lines 4--5