I scream, you scream, we all scream!!!! ICECREAM!!!!!!!

September 11, 2020

Preeti Vyas

In the pandemic world, if you managed to steer away from other insane addictions (coffee, wine, Cheetos...), you are pretty much hiding Ben and Jerry's (or cheaper substitutes) right there on the top shelf of your freezer! Maybe a flavor or two or three; who knows how many? Well, have you ever wondered who spread this peculiar idea of mixing flavored sugar with ice? How did we arrive here in a world where we could not stop craving this insane amalgam? How come ice-cream never stops to amuse us and always tricks our brain to set our mood right? How the versions of this delicacy vary around the world? This Friday lets talk ice-cream! (PS: low calorie, healthy ice-cream is a marketing gimmick, DONT FALL FOR THAT! Get yourself a real ice-cream: high sugar, high fat, high calorie only!)