Indian Weddings

March 22, 2019

Puneet Mehrotra

They say marriages are made in heaven. While that might be true of a serendipitous search for a partner, Indian marriages are WILDLY different. What begins with a parent-assisted search for a spouse culminates in a multi-day party that is as intriguing as it is funny. In this talk - which shall be peppered with the choicest memes - we look at the stages in a typical Indian wedding and how its scale defies logic and reason. To illustrate, we shall look at some insanely exorbitant weddings and poke fun at the bourgeoisie. DISCLAIMERS:
  1. I am Indian and therefore allowed to make these jokes. Please refrain from cackling too gleefully at said jokes if you don't want to be targeted by an Indian at a later date.
  2. There will be no demonstrations a la Coffee House 2019.
  3. No animals are (usually) harmed in the making of an Indian wedding.