Of undistinguished Tuesday Teas & Beer Calls

March 10, 2017

Jolande Fooken

History wasn't your favourite subject in high school? Well then you should definitely stay away from tonight’s UDLS. We will take an excessive journey through the modern history of the department’s UDLS, Tuesday Tea, and Beer Call emails. These emails may make you chuckle once a week, but has it always been this way? Be prepared to be bored out of your mind with dustily archived emails and stories. This UDLS can probably only be survived by bringing large amounts of drinks and/or rotten tomatoes to throw at the speaker (be careful not to hit the belly, please). “Wow, this isn’t really an encouraging abstract”, you’re thinking? Well history has shown that sending kind and motivating words to fellow CS grad students doesn’t seem to mobilize the crowds. Don’t believe me? Well you better come to UDLS to see for yourself.