300th UDLS

January 15, 2016

Prithu Banerjee, Wali Usmani, Albert Thompson, Prashant Sachdeva, Jason Hartford, Matthew Brehmer, Sam Creed

A very long time ago, someone came up with brilliant idea of letting grad students give a talk to other grad students on any topic that their heart desired. A very long time ago, it all started, the hallowed tradition of the UnDistinguished Lecture Series. Since the very first talk on "Communication is Viral" on 19th January, 2007, we have come a very long way, as week after week of the UDLS passed by, and year after year, a new czar was appointed. Then all of a sudden we realized, that on the 15th of January, 2015, it was to be the THREE HUNDREDTH UDLS in the history of this noble tradition. This is an occasion worth celebrating, but who would have the honour of giving the UDLS on this day? After deliberating over this for long, we decided, that this is an honour to be shared! And so, on this glorious occasion, we won't have just one speaker, or even two. Oh no. [Exact number undisclosed]