Because 71 genders are not enough

November 27, 2015

Julieta Martinez

In February of 2014, Facebook started "allowing" users to identify with genders from a list of 51 predetermined options. Googling the news reveals that the list quickly grew to 56, then 58 and, finally, 71 options before someone decided that, heck, maybe adding a blank would be a good idea because 71 genders are not enough. What's the deal with all this gender mess? Are you still confused by the difference between sex and gender? Do you still think that gender is something that you have rather than something that you do? Do you have trouble talking about your genderfluid friend using they/them/theirs pronouns? I'll give a short introduction to gender politics in the 21st century from a queer, intersectional and poststructuralist point of view.