The Great Switzerland

September 18, 2015

Giovanni Viviani

A year ago a young and inexperienced man decided that he wanted to visit the world. He had spent his whole life in a beautiful city, between a lake and a mountain, and his heart knew that he would miss the place, but that could not stop his wanderlust. Therefore he packed his belongings, said goodbye to the mountains, the forests and the lakes, and without looking back started his long voyage to reach the other side of the world. He finally reached this foreign and distant country, full of weird people that are always nice and venerate a weird god named 'Timmy'. He quickly discovered that those people had never been in his homeland, but they always talked about it, spreading lies. Therefore, he accepted his new task and started teaching this weird population about this land. A year has passed, and the young man has worked hard, but his effort seems to be vain since the uncivilized fold of this country still can't pronounce his name. Switzerland is a small country in Europe that, despite is small size, is well know worldwide. Or at least that is what people believe. You might thin that you know Switzerland, but do you really? Do you know why we are unique? Do you know why no one ever conquered us? Do you know why we are so rich? Today's UDLS will cover fun facts and curiosity about this small but great country! Note: Whoever insinuates that the presenter is not Swiss will be forced to learn how to pronounce Grüezi correctly Note: The secret of our richness will not be divulged. Unless you are willing to pay of course.