A Tour of the Nerd Kingdom, Part II

March 13, 2015

Neil Traft

Last time we uncovered the origins of the nerds. Now let’s look to the present. We did it! We figured it out: What is a nerd?? How is this different from a geek? We slogged through the history of nerds and geeks, we consulted the dictionary, and we performed the semantic analysis. We concluded—mostly; probably; with reservation—that there is a distinct difference between nerd and geek. This difference lies on the boundary between science and science fiction; between technology and gadgetry; and perhaps, even, between academia and industry. But how do these two communities interact? Most of the time these groups live in harmony, but in what ways do they conflict? What are the consequences of the “Nerd Pride” movement? I’d like to open the floor for discussion. So come join, as a bunch of nerds unilaterally decides what should be done about the geeks. I can explain it to you, but I can’t overthink it for you.